New Doujinshi Announcement!!
Those of you who attended Wondercon may have noticed some new prints on sale of Sadao and Mouse from Yaoi Revolution novel Orochi no Kishi. It wasn’t your imagination, we have a new doujin in progress, The Hourglass  by Itoshi with amazing new artwork by Russian artist, Aldaria. 

The book will be approx. 34 pages and will be finished likely by Fall. We will keep you updated. A website page is coming soon with a summary - but the plot will take place during the time period between novels Orochi no Kishi and Orochi no Yaiba. We hope The Hourglass and some new prints shown here (available at: will tide fans over until Itoshi can finish Orochi book 2!

Please visit Aldaria at: and check out her Kuroko no Basket fan art and other incredible works!! We are so excited to be bringing her work to you in the coming months. Stay tuned!