Aokaga AU: Confession
Kagami: Look, Aomine, the reason why I wanted to meet up, err, 
it's... well, you know... Aomine: This takes too long... Kagami: So, in short I just wanted to say that, err... Aomine: [sighs] You're the biggest idiot I've ever met.
Kagami: Wha-what's with you? I'm trying to conf-hmpf
Kagami: Wha-what the hell are you doing so suddenly!?

(Источник: kingmakochan из блога kagamichin)

火神大我 (CV. 小野友樹) & 青峰大輝 (CV. 諏訪部順一)


(Источник: aominecest)

AoKaga Mini Drama


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Enjoy these idiots <3

KAGAMI: Geh, it’s super crowded.. There aren’t any free seats. -sighs- I’ll go ask to share a table then.
Excuse me, is it okay if we share this table?
AOMINE: Go ahead.
KAGAMI: Geh, you’re..
AOMINE: Ah? Kagami..